DaoZen was founded on the mission of supporting our communities’ capacity to feel and perform at their best. From superfoods and herbs to cutting edge and ancient technology, humans in our world are constantly striving for balance and finding the solutions needed.

Sometimes the more natural remedies are not the easiest to access and find. We are here to close that gap with education and accessibility while providing only the highest quality products to support the human system back into homeostatic balance.

The DaoZen founders, Tomas and Sufijan, have a long history and passion for health remedies both for our families’ and for yours. From a health first philosophy, we created DaoZen Medicinals to seek out the best quality organic and raw materials, method of delivery into the body and greatest overall benefit from their use daily.

DaoZen was born from the desire to support and educate. We believe all humans have the right to reign supreme over their own bodily functions and live and create their own reality through focused dedication and educated decisions.

This DaoZen movement is for the people, therefore if the public expresses a need for something we will do what we can to find it. We are firm believers in community and communication and feel that business is best done from a cooperative approach. We want your feedback! We welcome your critique and we will listen to your stories. Please reach out to us, even if it seems insignificant, everything matters.

Our DaoZen Business Mantra is Kaizen; a japanese word that in essence means “constant and never ending improvement.” Our goal is to keep this philosophy close to our hearts and minds and know that we have never “made it.” Our work is never “done” and we will keep examining, exploring and making things a little better here and bit smoother there.

We are honored by the opportunity to serve you, and we are excited that you have found us.

Let’s all work to spread the Zen to those we love!!!